There are few cities like Valencia, able to harmoniously combine the remnants of its farthest past, dating to the year 138 BC, with the most innovative and avant-garde buildings from the new millennium. Valencia is trade and culture, cinema, theatre, museums, magic, business. It is the centre of international and avant-garde design, and one of the most active cities in Europe regarding fairs and conferences. Thanks to its location, Valencia has historically been Spain’s Mediterranean port and has that special charm of cities that are also seaports. And the fine sand and clean water, the vastness of the sea and the closeness of the coastal mountains make the Valencian coast uniquely attractive.

The vibrant and cultural city of Valencia

Valencia is one of the most vibrant, forward thinking and cosmopolitan cities in Spain


Under the supervision of Pere Balaguer, construction began in 1392. The towers were designed to be defensive structures at one of the busiest city gates. They were saved from demolition when the city walls were knocked down in 1865 and used as a prison for the nobility between 1586 and 1887. The back of the towers have been opened so that the pointed arches and the vaulted domes can now be seen from the Plaza de los Fueros. The Towers represent an excellent example of gothic architecture


is a town in Spain which is said to be one of the calmest and most peaceful of all cities in the country.

Fallas de Valencia

In the middle of the Mediterranean coast, Valencia city, celebrates each year the final days of the winter and the arrival of spring with spectacular fires and pyrotechnics. From March 15 to 19 (the feast of Saint Joseph, day of the father in the whole country), Valencia is given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and a healthy dose of satire known as Las Fallas, the fires.

Valencia Gastronomy

Sun and oranges, delicious seafood, vegetables and very good wines D.O. Utiel-Requena and D.O. Valencia ... those are catchwords characterising one of the finest cuisines of Spain. Also rice which is produced here in large quantities is a protagonist in many typical dishes. The Valencianos understood to combine those ingredients to perfect masterpieces, Paella Valenciana being the most famous example..

Food in Valencia

Valencia's second major source of fresh products is the great expanse of the Mediterranean Sea, whose waters lap gently along the edge of the city. Valencia's economy has always relied heavily upon its seaside location, whether through commerce and trade overseas as a major Mediterranean port or through the daily catches of fish and shellfish. Some of the most common seafood that you're likely to come across on any restaurant's menu are sardines, hake, red mullet, anglerfish, octopus, mackerel, cuttlefish, mussles, shrimp and prawns- but trust us, that's an abbreviated list!.

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